Meet the SalesMentor Team

SalesMentor provides proven world-class, award-winning training and certification for seasoned sales professionals and aspiring sales professionals looking to get a leg up on the world of business … and we don’t just think that we have seen the results. The organization accepts students from all over the world and trains them weekly on how to set up their career as a sales professional. Each month we have thousands of sales students who are getting certified – if you or your business are looking for talented sales pros to quickly generate sales for your business, please check out our SM hiring portal by clicking here.

Payton Welch

Lead "Sales Mentor"

Payton has millions of dollars under his belt first as a sales professional, then as an energetic leader of other sales professionals. He currently oversees three sales teams for Evans & Welch, Inc. companies and directly mentors over 100 personnel. Our SalesMentor students get to learn from one of the greatest sales pros in the world!

Brian Morton

VP of Operations

Brian left one of the largest firms in world to join SalesMentor in an effort to build our staffing operations. There are thousands of small businesses in America that need trained, qualified sales professionals. Brian oversees the process of (a) students getting results and (b) small businesses being able to partner with SalesMentor students.

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