The Perfect Sales Call Script

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Hey everyone, Taylor Welch here, co-founder of Sales Mentor, Traffic and Funnels, The Intelligent Advertiser, and Wealth Cap Holdings. Let’s break down every element of our high ticket sales script. We’ve sold in a lot of different industries over the phone and this is by far the most powerful sales script we use and in to put it simply it...
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how to master the conversation

How to Master Your Own Conversations

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As much as people don’t like to hear this, sales is an inside game first. It starts with self talk and continues with belief. And we humans naturally PROJECT our beliefs onto the world around us. This is where we start because something we have learned along the way: if you start with a tactic, you will always end up...
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What Is An Inbound Closer?

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What Is An Inbound Closer? Here to answer that question is Chris Manitius, a senior advisor from The Sales Mentor™. Hi, I'm Chris Manitius and I'm actually an inbound closer.  I am a senior advisor for The Sales Mentor™. Before I was doing this, I had my own business.  Within a few months, I changed my entire income source to...
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