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Recently, we did a training in one of our Facebook groups with on of our SDRs. If you’re not familiar with the term, an SDR stands for ‘Sales Development Representative.” The SDR’s Job is to create outbound opportunities for the sales team – building relationships and working pipeline to find and set great leads with the closer.

A lot of great closers start as SDRs and a lot of people actually prefer this role to a closer. Loads of opportunity for growth and a great income. And what SDRs have to become exceptionally good at is qualifying prospects on the sales call. 

Anyway, we recently had Zack, one of our top SDRs, on to do a training on the three main parts of a successful SDR call. It was so good, we decided to write an article around it.

The Three Parts Of A Successful SDR Call

1. The Intro
2. Discovery/Qualification
3. The Pitch

You’re going to spend the most time in the Discovery part of the call.

The goal is to look for if they are a good fit, if we can actually help this person, if they want help, and if they can do it financially. Because obviously we can still help that person out by maybe nurturing them, getting them some extra training, but it doesn’t make sense for them to be on a closer’s calendar if they don’t check those boxes.

Let’s talk about The Intro.

So starting out with the intro – Let them know why you’re calling. Let them know from the start of the call, “I’m calling because you opted into our partner with entrepreneurs video.” Then they’ll say, “Oh yeah, I did.” They can’t play dumb at that point.

You have to remember, people always have their guard up. They’ve had a TON of calls from people like you who, let’s face it, has something to sell – so you have to be able to get through to them. Then you lead them into their reasons… and the first part of the discovery/qualification section of the call…

For our company, it’s going to be things like:

They’re not getting paid enough.
They want more time.
They want to be able to work remote or from anywhere.

You have to know what the big three things your market wants and have that nailed down so you can recognize it when it comes up. So take some time an write those things down.

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So you want to kind of lead those questions and tease out the answers. “Most people are looking for this, this and this. Do any of those resonate with you?”

It opens up the conversation.

“Yeah. I’m looking for…”  all of it and more than likely, they’re going to give you a surface level answer. And average sales people get average responses from people.

We want to be sales pros here. So you always want to go one level deeper.

“So okay… so you’re just looking around… in my experience, you know, most people that are just looking around (first name) they’re looking to fix something. They’re either not getting paid as much. They want more time or if they want that location freedom.” Then that opens up another door.

“Yeah. Now that you say that, you know, I would like more time.”

And then once again, that is another surface level answer you got.

They want more time, which is logical. You need to get the emotional answer out of them. Because that’s where people make decisions is. That’s what’s actually going to affect them in the future and the third, fourth and fifth level consequence of the emotions. So really that’s where you can go deeper and say, “why is that important to you?”

And then they’ll give you a deeper reason.

“I want to be able to put my kids through college.”
“I want to be able to buy a new car.”
“I want to be able to get the house that I can’t afford right now.”

Those are all emotional responses that you could even go deeper on then too.

“What’s been holding you back from getting that?”

And, and that’s where you’re letting them know that you know their situation as well. And if you’re wondering, how can I let someone feel like I care about them?
That is going to come naturally based on the quality of questions that you ask.

So if you’re just checking them off, they can tell if you’re just going down a list and checking off boxes, okay, check, check, check. They’re going  to sense that through the phone.

But if you actually ask them questions to show them that you care about them, then they’re going to be more likely to want to buy from you. Because they can feel that you care. Very important.

And then as you wrap up discovery, you are going to come to a place of decision – is the person a good fit or not?

Want to see if you have what it takes to become a sales pro?

We built a free quiz that will tell you if you’re ready… and tell you how to get started FAST. Check it out! (It’s free 🙂 )

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Can we help them?
Can they financially do it?

If we can’t help them, then they do not pass the test and they do not get set on a calendar. But if they don’t have the funds, we can still possibly work with that, depending. It’s just not that hard to find the money and most of the time if it’s something people want badly enough, they will make it happen.

So once they are all qualified, we move into The Pitch.

The pitch needs to be solid and clear – when I go for the pitch, I know exactly what I’m going to say – and for the SDR, they are pitching the next call. So you outline exactly, to the letter, what will happen next.

Who will they be talking with next?
How can they prepare?
What is the purpose of the call?
What can they expect from the call?

People are looking for leadership and direction. When you can show them that by simply preparing this simple 2 minute pitch, they will feel it. I even believe that that strength in communication can increase show up percentage and will DEFINITELY assist in the close.

That’s all we got for you today, friends! If you interested in becoming an SDR or a AE/Closer and having conversations like this – we created a quiz that will help you decide if this is right for you. In fact, it will let you know if you’re ready to jump in RIGHT NOW.

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