As much as people don’t like to hear this, sales is an inside game first. It starts with self talk and continues with belief. And we humans naturally PROJECT our beliefs onto the world around us. This is where we start because something we have learned along the way: if you start with a tactic, you will always end up on the losing side. If you start with a script, you have already failed.

First steps first: do you control the way you feel about yourself, your product, your customers?

I’ve trained dozens of 7-figure producers in the last year alone. Add on top of that our clients, of whom there are thousands… There are probably over 3,000 people, all in all, who trust us to deliver the highest & best sales training you can get — and every single one of them, I start right here. If you aren’t excited every time you get the opportunity to talk to somebody about what you do (or sell), you are losing money. So how do we fix this RITUALS.

“Now wait a minute Taylor I thought you were gonna show me how to improve my close percentage!?”

I promise you, do what I’m about to tell you to do — and follow the next 12 days of emails like your life depended on it — and you won’t be able to avoid a nice healthy bump in your numbers. Here are 3 ways to set the stage, control the day before it controls you, and create RITUALS to produce:

1. Start the day early:

You can’t get away from it. This has nothing to do with what time you get up. It has nothing to do with “how early” or anything like that. It has everything to do with self confidence. People who get up early have higher self confidence. I don’t have time to prove it to you.

But it IS the truth and there’s something about keeping a commitment to yourself to do something that sucks (i.e. getting up early) that carries over into all of the other ares of your life/business/etc. Also when you get up early a positive byproduct is you can control the first hour or so of your day – which you’ll use for the other parts of your morning ritual. I get up at 4:30a and I produce more in the first hour of my day than most people do in an entire week. Control the morning… get up early.

master your conversation skills

2. Read your INTANGIBLE goals:

Of course people have all these goals that they write down and read. I mean look you’re here to learn sales, I’m assuming you know what “self development” means and you already are aware of the power of goal setting.

What I’m suggesting to you is to write down a list of character traits, things that define your identity, and put THOSE things in your goal list to read first thing.

Here are a few of mine:

  • I can acquire any new skill any time I want
  • I am immune to criticism
  • I take great pride in CONTRIBUTION
  • I ignore distractions and focus on my top 20%

See how these goals don’t really have anything to do with “I made half a million dollars” or anything like that. It’s just… “Who do I have to act like to make that ‘tangible’ goal a reality?” And you focus on those things first and then the other things later.

3. Normalize WINNING:

This is so important that I thought about starting with it. If you are in an environment surrounded by losers, RUN AWAY as fast and hard as you can.

“But Taylor I can’t just up and leave?”

Yea you can and that’s exactly what I did. Several years ago I was in a place surrounded by people who I didn’t want to end up like. I would wake up and look around and say “Who can I model” and you know what? There was no one around me that I wanted to model. Your environment is maybe one of the most important things ever. An easy way to ‘hack ‘ this, well, TWO easy ways to hack this:

  1. Grab pictures and things of the lifestyle you’d love to have… and look at it every morning. And I mean be religious about this. Don’t leave your house without looking at it and thinking about it. This will put you into a frame where your brain starts believing that you should have it and you’ll start thinking (even if only subconsciously) “Hey why don’t I have this? I need to go get this?” And that will improve your performance and your drive.
  2. Find pockets of people who are ahead of you and watch them… it doesn’t have to be “in person” either. Today I am in circles of people who are winners. They win and they win again and all they do is win. And even when they don’t win, they still win because they learn from it. And it all started with me joining a mastermind called “Next Level Mastermind” a long time ago.. it was $197 a month or something and it was just a Facebook group and I thought “Seriously? That’s too much money for just a Facebook group.”

But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to see what it was all about. And guess what? The environment, once I finally grew up and got myself in, changed me. We’ve cultivated an environment of winners for you… you just have to hop in. Maybe you’re not in a place where you can pick up and buy a new car and move to a nice part of town and you might wonder, “How do I find these people you’re talking about?”

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One of the things we’re very serious about as a company is selective learning environments. You want to be around people who make so much more money than you that your head hurts. When you’re surrounded by these kinds of people, it rubs off on you.

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